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Clay Models into Miniature Prints

This is where it all started. A hobby in making clay models. It occurred to me, when I was creating these model,. that I wanted to sell my creations, but not the originals. I became too attached to what I was creating. So, the idea of Gemini 3D Design and Print was born and the Process in making my Miniatures began.

Step 01

The Idea

Firstly, I need a clear idea of what model I will be making. Weather it is a Dragon, Phoenix, Human or  pegasus. Anything that captures my imagination.

Step 02

Creating the Model

This is where the most amount of time is spent, and also the most fun is had. Creating the model can take anywhere between 10 to 20 hours, Depending on the complexity and size of the model.

Using Polymer clay and in recent times, using an oil based clay, I have been able to bring the image in my head to life. Well... as close to it as I can.

Step 03

3D Scanning the Model

This process can also be time consuming. It is essential that I do enough scans to get all the details and tying them all together to get a seamless model. 

Once Scanned, I must create a base and position the model on it. Once Positioned, I can export the STL file and send it to the Slicing Software, ready to print.

Step 04

3D Printing the Model

The Final step of the process, 3D Printing. Once the digital version model has been set up and created. I can the shrink it down, using the slicing software and Print the Miniature at around 32mm in height. 

Each model is Printed using plant based resin to keep the whole process and Carbon neutral as possible.

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