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3D Scanning

Replication can be a very powerful tool. From small ornaments, ancient skulls and many more. Our 3D scanner can replicate items within 0.02mm. This process will produce a 3D file which can then be put through our 3D Printer or, sent back to you to put through your own 3D Printer at home. 

Contact us today if you need an object 3D scanned.

3D Printing

Got an idea and you want to test it? Why not send it to us and we will print it for you.

Using both a Filament and Resin printer, we could provide you with the perfect Prototype for your new design.


At Gemini 3D Design and Print, we only use recycled plastics when printing from our Filament Printer and a Plant Based resin in our resin Printer. This will keep both our and your carbon footprint as low as possible.

Filament Printer
Resin Printer
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